8 ways to reduce your translation costs

by Ricardo, Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 at 3:36 am

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Last week, we shared 8 Tips for Buying Translations with you.

We believe you will like more tips to help you manage the translation projects.

Translation rates vs Total Translation Cost

Most clients make the mistake of assuming that translation rates are the most important single cost factor to consider when choosing an offer.

Actually we need to talk about the final total project cost

There are quite a lot of factors ignored for inexperienced project managers.

Let’s find our those situations bringing additional costs and find solutions to minimize them in reasonable ways.

Effective Ways to Reduce Translation Cost

$1. Necessary Concise Content

Make sure that your content is extracted and useful for the target audience.

$2. Correct Original Text

Make sure your text delivered for translation is free from mistakes. Any errors in the source text will cause costly rework due to communications back and forth when the translation work has been started.

$3. Consistent Terminology

Make sure you use consistent terminology in your source text and provide support on terms and glossories to the translation team.

$4. Ample Space For the Translation

Make sure that you leave sufficient space reserved for the translated text on images, web pages, or any specific formats.

The text length varies from source to target language, enough space will avoid possible extra work on the formats and images.

$5. File Format Conversion

Choose suitable file format before sending your translation request. You should consider the cost of file conversions and formatting.

$6. Image vs Text

Using images wisely will be more effective when facing global audience in various cultures.

It can replace texts in many occasions and reduce your total costs hugely.

$7. Formatting before Proofreading

Provide clean, well-formatted text and sufficient assitance for the proofreader to do the final check.

$8. Qualified Translators Only

Carefully select your translation supplier and ensure smooth communication with them.


These tips seem quite simple, however they are quite effective to cut down your total translation costs.


Low Translation Rate<> Low Total Cost

Any improper actions on the above tasks will bring additonal cost, sometimes it’s really huge.

Low translation rates usually mean low quality work or hidden surcharges after the project is completed.

Translation companies that follow a multi-step workflow ensure that expected levels of quality are met.


Good Preparation and Smooth Communication

Reputable translation agencies will help you understand all these hidden points and will guide you through in the very beginning to help you make the proper arrangments to ensure quality and accuracy.

Smooth Communication at Lingo365 Translation

You can communicate easily with the translation team at Lingo365

almost all translation projects require additional jobs to prepare, extract or convert the delivered content into a format used for translation.

We strongly advise you to invest your time there and will glad to guide you through if you have any questions.

Lingo365 makes it easy for you to get the translation quote and communicate with the translation team, you can talk to us easily in any phase of the inquiry or order.






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