Small & Beautiful: Mirco Multinational Companies

by Charles Channing, Tuesday, May 13th, 2014 at 3:29 am

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It’s a new age.
It’s a trend to start your business from small targeting on world market.
It’s never been so easy to source products and services from another country as well as selling them to the foreign markets.

However, Not every business is going to be successful.
We are sharing some tips for creating some successful small & beautiful micro global business.

Understand Target Markets

Market researches are the most important job for online business.
Search online to know where your customers are , talk to them and listen to what they are saying, understand their needs, their cultures, and their differences.
You will find how amazing when you understand the target markets better.
Some times you will need some professional helps from local consultant so that you will not be misled by the bias online.

Localize your content

A quality global website or several websites for different target markets are necessary, and you will provide different local content to the local people. please check our previous blog. Design your website for the world market
You need quality translation for your web content in a professional way to make your local website truly adapt to the market, we strongly recommend you to use professional website localization like Lingo365 do for the world markets.
The right way is to develop your multilingual content strategy and apply different strategies to different target markets.

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Focus on Global Online Marketing

One of most cost-effective element of conducting online business is the savings on traditional marketing.
You can focus on global online marketing instead of investing a lot of money in traditional media, such as print, TV and radio in various different markets.
Global online marketing is quick to set up and more result-driven.

PPC allows you to get quick traffic.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the organic way to make sure your website appears in the search engines.

Social media will allow you to engage directly with your customers and communicate news and information to them directly.

The most important thing you need to be aware is that online marketing varies across cultures, be sure that you are using the right people to work on the online marketing for each target market to avoid ruining your brand.

Be Productive Online

Online collaborations needs smooth communication and good control.
There are a lot of good tools out there.
Web communication tool like Skype can provide low cost for your messaging and conferences. around the world.
Social media networks like Yammer and LinkedIn are designed for work, it will foster a feeling of community among your staff, as well as an easy way of fielding questions to the entire workforce via status updates.
Trello can work for the team easily to organize various tasks and projects.
There are more other tools, evernote, Google Docs, Dropbox available for your international collaboration. If you find some good one, please share them with me and I really love to test them.

Team building & Outsourcing

Through online collaboration, you can hire talented people without limiting to a specific geographic range.
And the most importantly, for the target market, you can easily hire overseas native local employees quickly, they can work at home as well.
Numerous benefits could be seen: lower costs on average, flexible working hours, flexible pay structures.Thus you can quickly set up your global team and you can possibly hire the best talents in the industry. You can choose to form a stable dedicated team for the core competence and outsource  other jobs to freelancers or other specialized agencies.
In this way, you can provide your local customer service and support easily.

Reduce Cost for Offices

We understand offices are always expensive, especially in big cities. You have to pay rent, utilities, insurance, and so forth.
Minimize the costs for this part and just keep the most necessary functional ones.
Sometimes you only need to rent a temporary office in your desired city, it’s much less bothering than keeping your now.
Investing more money in your well-designed website and your online marketing campaigns.
Your overseas clients want to get the most from you is not your office.

Design your website for the world market , Good localization of business has proven its return on investment.

We are expecting you to create a truly successful global business
Even small can be very beautiful.

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