How to Start Your Multilingual Global Online Marketing

by Charles Channing, Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 at 1:20 pm

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Real Global Online Marketing: Multilingual + Multiregional

You had designed your website for the world market,you surely will face the next challenge of the multilingual and multi-regional global online marketing.

We are here helping you to discuss how you can manage a complex global online marketing strategy that serves multiple locations and languages instead of only one place and one language.

How to Start Your Multilingual Global Online Marketing

How to Start Your Multilingual Global Online Marketing

Question #1: Where Are Your Target Markets?

Never get lost in the starting point.

Study your business, choose your target markets and identify the major risks and difficulties of market entry.

You should tell the popular languages in your desired markets.

This is how you can start and prepare the whole project.

Question #2: What Domain & URL Strategy?

Domain & URL Strategy

Use a proper URL structure to makes it easy to segment your website for geotargeting.

ccTLDs (e.g.,,,


  • clear geotargeting
  • easy separation of sites
  • can design more proper name for different market.
  • legal requirements (sometimes it’s a disadvantage)


  • more efforts to manage
  • not always available, hard to have uniform image
  • sometimes face the legal problems and need local entity

Subdomains With gTLDs (e.g.,,,


  • easy to set up
  • allows different server locations
  • easy to separate sites


  • confusion with the geotargeting, whether it’s the language or the country

Subdirectories With gTLDs (e.g.,,,, etc.)


  • easy to set up
  • less maintenance work


  • confusion with the geotargeting, whether it’s the language or the country.
  • single server location
  • difficult to separate sites

URL parameters (e.g.,, ?country=china, etc.)


  • none (not recommended)


  • segmentation based on the URL is difficult
  • confusion with the geotargeting

Actually this strategy is quite a professional choice. You can consult more experts based on your own situation and the pros and cons listed above.

Question #3: Where to Put My Server(s)?

Website loading speed is critical.

When your target audience are in different continents, you should treat this problem very seriously.

No matter where your server(s), just ensure the website loading speed is fast enoough and stable.

Use CDNs or hosted your website in countries with better webserver infrastructure will prevent you from many troubles.

Question #4: What’s Your Multilingual Content Strategy?

Content is the king, and they will pull customers in and keep attracting them back if they are valuable for the visitors.

It’s interesting that most global marketer do not have clear multilingual content strategies for their own business.

A good multilingual content marketing strategy will help you design your content to satisfy your readers in different target markets and make them working for your business.


Question #5: How to Organize Your Multilingual Team?

You will face a lot of cross-cultural differences when we are talking about a variety of languages and multiple geographic regions.

The essence is how you can efficiently form a multilingual online marketing team.

You can recruit your own marketing staff to be responsible for this job, you can get some ideas from Small & Beautiful: Mirco Multinational Companies, you can recruit the best talents or just outsource part of your job.



Keep working in this way and you will open windows to the new markets step by step.

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