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Number of people using simplified Chinese: Approximately 1.8 billion

  • China (national)
  • Hong Kong (co-official with English and Cantonese)
  • Macau (co-official with Portuguese and Cantonese)
  • Singapore (co-official with Tamil, English, and Malay)
  • Taiwan (official, use traidtional Chinese)
  • [minority] All over the world



Translate English to Chinese Simplified by Qualified Chinese translators

  • Mandarin to English translator
  • Translator English to Mandarin
  • Chinese to English translators
  • English to Chinese translators 

First, identify your target market.

  • Mainland China
  • Singapore
  • Global Chinese speakers

Lingo365 will arrange suitable simplified Chinese translators to ensure the quality.

If your market is Hongkong or Taiwan, Traditional Chinese Translation Services is the right choice.

We can also translate traditional chinese to simplified chinese, or vice versa.

Chinese Pinyin

We can also help you translate Chinese to pinyin, or translate English to Mandarin pinyin.

Facts About Simplified Chinese 

Basically Chinese is a group of several languages, some are very distinctive.

Simplified Mandarin-based Chinese are essential. Simplified Chinese is the official language of Mainland China and and Singapore

Now that China is the second biggest economic power in the world. There are more and more business and investment opportunities in this market.
Simplified Chinese Translation is in high demand.

Your capability to deliver your business message in simplified Chinese will grant you tons of amazing opportunities in mainland China and other Chinese communities.

Figure out differences of Chinese variations

Many people are confused with these terms: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Cantonese, Mandarin.

the following two articles can help you.

Difference between Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese
Differences Between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese


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You can get professional Chinese translation services easily at Lingo365.

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