Lingo365 Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions ("Terms") form the contract between Lingo365 ("the Company") and yourself ("the Translator") for the supply by the Company to the Translator of the Services (as hereinafter defined). BY ACCESSING, BROWSING, OR USING THIS SITE, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ, UNDERSTAND, AND AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THESE TERMS. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS THEN PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS SITE.

Table of Contents

General Conditions

Lingo365 offers translators the opportunity to undertake translation jobs in return for remuneration.

Acceptance of Conditions

To make use of Lingo365's services the translator must first apply by fully completing the application form on Lingo365’s website. With the application, the translator agrees to the TERMS OF SERVICE valid at that time. With his/her application, the translator confirms that all his/her entered details are accurate, complete and truthful and undertakes to keep the information provided up to date. If such information is found to be false, incorrect or out of date, Lingo365 may block or discontinue the translator’s access to Lingo365’s services at any time.

Security of Login Data

The translator himself/herself is responsible for keeping his/her login data (login, password) private. Should an unauthorized third party gain knowledge of the translator's data, Lingo365 must be notified immediately.

Use of Lingo365 service

The translator has no entitlement to admission for the purpose of using Lingo365's services. Lingo365 has the right to change or even discontinue the operation of its services at any time. Fail to comply with the conditions In the event of failure to comply with these conditions, or any other right held by Lingo365, we reserve the right to close your translator's account and to take all the measures necessary to safeguard our interests.

Use of Service
Acceptance of Job

Lingo365 will offer the translator translation jobs but is at no obligation to do so. If the translator accepts a translation job, he/she is obliged to perform a diligent translation of the provided text. The translator is not entitled to provide a partial performance on principle.

Discrepancies with the Assignment

If the translator discovers discrepancies in connection with the assignment in question, he/she will be obliged to inform Lingo365 of this immediately. This may, for example, concern the size and scope of the assignment as well as the quality and other conditions which may affect the translator’s ability to carry out the assignment to a level satisfactory to the client.

Violations of Content

The translator must NEVER

The translator indemnifies Lingo365 from all claims by third parties and/or damages, including any legal defense costs that might result from the provision of the translator's translation services.


To maintain a professional relationship, Lingo365 expects Lingo365’s suppliers to abstain from approaching Lingo365’s clients. The Translator is strictly forbidden to try to obtain by whatever means the details of the client in order to contact them outside of the environment provided by Lingo365. Any translator doing so will have his/her account definitively cancelled and will lose all of his/her unpaid earnings.


It is at Lingo365's discretion to make alterations to translated texts without giving any reasons. If Lingo365 makes alterations to texts that the translator has delivered, the translator is not liable for the translation accuracy of the modified sections of text.

Deadline of Delivery

The translator is responsible for the quality of the translation and compliance with agreed deadlines.

The time allowed for completing the translation depends on the individual job. If the translation is not delivered within the agreed time, Lingo365 shall extend the deadline by a reasonable length of time. If the translator does not keep to this deadline, Lingo365 is entitled to withdraw from the contract and claim damages on the grounds of non-performance. In this case, the translator is not entitled to payment of any remuneration. Lingo365 is further entitled to exclude the translator from further use of its services.

Complaints and Revisions
Grant of Rights and Confidentiality
Payment and Warranty Rights

Lingo365 does not guarantee the accuracy of data made available by third parties via Lingo365. Neither shall Lingo365 be liable for delays or defects in performance that are the result of unclear, incorrect or incomplete order conveyance or placement by third parties, including incorrect data input. This applies in particular in cases where third parties have obtained access to Lingo365's services without due authorization and have caused malfunctions, of whatever type and/or content, within the operation of Lingo365's online platform.

You accept that you use the services at your own risk and that these services are provided to you ‘as is’ and ‘subject to availability’. In particular, under no circumstances does Lingo365 guarantee:

Lingo365 cannot be held responsible for any direct, indirect, unintentional, unusual, consequential, or exemplary damages, however it may have been caused, and whatever the responsibility invoked, including but not limited to the direct or indirect loss of profits, the loss of fame or reputation, or the loss of data that you may suffer, and the costs of supplying goods or services or replacement services or any other non-material loss.